Monday, October 4, 2010

Guess who's 2???

I know, I can't believe it either. We had such a fun day.

First we ate pancakes and strawberries with sprinkles on top.

After that we went and got cupcakes at Kara's. Of course she got two and of course she only ate the frosting.

Then we took some pictures with her friend the balloon. It is living on the ceiling of the playroom. I wonder how long it will last????

Here is a cute picture of her on the phone with Aunt RiLee, she was singing "Happy Birthday" to her. So cute with her juice.

Waiting in the front of our house for our friend to come and take pictures. She had a photo shoot just for her second birthday. They turned out soooo cute!! I will post them soon.

Here is her cake. Caitlynn had a Seasame Street birthday this year. The cake wasn't the greatest, but she still loved it.

Opening presents with the help of her friends.

No party is complete without pin the nose on Elmo. We had a pinata too. Just didn't take any pictures.

Here is Caitlynn with her new shopping cart and grocery's. It is a Melissa and Doug cart and it is so fun. She makes me park it by her crib at night, so funny. She really did get spoiled this year. But, you only turn two once, even though she claims she is "tree". We will work on that this year, or maybey not. Love you Caiters!!!!!


Emma Lee said... has been WAY to long since you have posted pictures of her because she looks SO big and SO different! For a second there I was thinking it was Brooky with blond hair! Anyways, she is darling. I sure wish we could get our families together. We need to plan a trip soon. :)

Gina Sims said...

Your kids are so adorable! I love keep up with you on your blog!

Cheri said...

Yay! Many posts to read over. I enjoyed them all.

I agree with Emily- it really is strange to look at those birthday pictures of Caitlynn and to not think of Brooke! I just picture her with her big flower bow on her itsy bitsy head when we came to visit. She is a beautiful girl. Your last paragraph on the post of Luke's party made me laugh and laugh. I can hear your voice so well.

I MISS YOU. A LOT. I would love to talk on the phone. Maybe I will bribe the kids with an episode of Inspector Gadget and try to give you a call.

Have a great week!

imbritney said...

I can't believe how old she looks!!! What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday! (late, of course)

meagan said...

I love that your daughters look like sisters. How are you feeling?